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How to Improve My Penis Girth - Get a Longer Penis That You Can Be Proud to Look at Everyday

There are several ways to improve your penis girth and believe it or not you don't even have to go under the knife or spend on anything at all.
There are several natural penis exercises you can do which are proven to be safe and effective.
Here are some of the exercises you can do for an improved penis girth: Kegel Exercise.
This exercise develops the PC muscles.
The PC muscles are the ones that move when you try to contract your anus.
Not only does this muscle help you perform longer in bed by having stronger erections, this also help you get a better looking penis by increasing the girth.
You start performing this exercise by sitting on a small ball, same size as a tennis ball.
When seated contract your anus and hold it for seven to ten seconds.
Release then rest for a minute.
Continue the process 20 more times and you can gradually increase the number of repetitions as you get used to the exercise.
This will give you better girth in approximately one and a half months.
Milking Technique.
This exercise develops the tissues around the penis responsible for length and girth.
Start this exercise by taking a warm bath for ten minutes or putting a warm moist towel over the penis for about five minutes.
Your penis and both your hands have to be well lubricated before proceeding with the exercise.
After doing so, stroke your penis until it gets semi erect to erect.
Just make sure that the penis is erect but still can be a little flexible.
Grip the base of the shaft by encircling it with your thumb and forefinger and the palm facing down.
Slowly but firmly slide up the grip up to the base of the head.
Continue the process with the other hand doing the same stroke and finger positioning.
Doing this repeatedly will not only make your penis fatter and thicker but also stimulate it enough to reach ejaculation or orgasm.
This would then prepare you for the next exercise.
The next exercise is called the Ballooning Technique.
The Ballooning Technique aims to develop the spongy at the base of the shaft for a better girth.
You start this exercise by having a warm bath for ten minutes or placing warm towel over the penis for the same amount of time.
Both your hands and penis should be well lubricated.
Perform the Milking Technique as explained previously until you reach the point of orgasm.
The idea is to stop around ten seconds before reaching orgasm.
You are not to ejaculate at all.
You have to stop before reaching point of orgasm and ejaculation three times and deciding to release on the fourth.
You may choose to do more stopping action which is much better.

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