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Speakers and Coaches - A Perfect Niche for Virtual Assistants

Ask a virtual assistant (VA) to name one of their greatest challenges as they began their business and many acknowledge it is finding their niche-if, they even have one.
First, they had to identify their skills and talents, match those with their interests and experiences, and then find the market that would allow them to best utilize those talents in an area of interest to them.
Many have trouble doing this and so they just target anyone and everyone, something definitely not recommended.
So what exactly is a niche? A niche is a target market or industry whose needs fit well with a particular skill set.
The great thing about the virtual assistant industry is that the opportunities for matching the right talents with the right niche are tremendous.
Many VAs will base their niche market on their past work experiences, say for instance, real estate or executive assistance.
Others may transfer their skills to a completely new area of focus, such as providing assistance to speakers and coaches.
There truly is something for everyone.
Working with speakers and coaches is a perfect fit for virtual assistants.
From routine tasks such as email and calendar maintenance to higher-level support like marketing and booking speaking engagements, the versatile VA can handle a multitude of support tasks for these clients.
It usually doesn't take the client long to realize that they can make more money and be more successful when they get the assistance they need and not try to do everything themselves.
It's a perfect match.
The range of services for this popular niche is endless, really.
Many VAs are managing entire businesses for their coaching clients.
Aside from email and calendar management, here are several other services that can be offered to these busy professionals:
  • PR - article and press release marketing, building a brand, promoting events, list building
  • Teleseminars - scheduling, promoting, recording, transcribing
  • Shopping carts - maintenance, product additions, autoresponders, broadcasts, affiliate programs
  • Websites design and maintenance, blogs, membership sites
  • Developing courses, homework assignments, e-books, presentations
  • SEO / web analysis
  • Social networking - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups
  • Research - target audience, information for teleseminars, statistics
  • Brainstorming ideas - products, markets, alliances, JV partners
You can see the potential and how targeting speakers and coaches is a perfect opportunity for a virtual assistant.
Want to know more? Look for books on starting a virtual assistant business including the best-selling book Virtual Assistant - The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA.

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