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Costume Picks For Halloween - Dorothy From the Wizard of Oz

There are awesome Halloween outfits that were closely patterned right after the original Wizard of Oz costumes on the video adaptation featuring Judy Garland.
If you hope to let your children experience the excitement brought to you by the genuine Wizard of Oz, or if you hope to just re-experience the miracles this Halloween night or on any special party, you should try outfits of famous Wizard of Oz characters for kids and parents.
Whisk your self out back to the Land of Oz as you put on Wizard of Oz costumes for birthdays and costume-themed festivities.
Reveal your exciting side in Dorothy Gale's sky blue dress and dark red shoes; with your companion Toto nearby, you will never be by yourself on this long quest.
To help make your Wizard of Oz grand adventure more mysterious, round up the rest of the gang to play the part of other Wizard of Oz characters.
As you trek all the way down the yellow, brick road, you move closer to the wizard, one good friend at a time.
Dorothy's pals The Scarecrow was Dorothy's first friend while on her way to Emerald City.
Even though scarecrows should be daunting in physical appearance, this scarecrow knows quite little about scaring people-in reality, it knew absolutely nothing at all! Soon, the Scarecrow too joined Dorothy's adventure to find the wizard and to beg for a brain.
The authentic Scarecrow might happen to be milder than other personas, but that doesn't necessarily suggest you can't be his daunting counterpart.
On Halloween, donning in a Scarecrow halloween costume will certainly give other youngsters a scare! The two new good friends, Dorothy as well as the Scarecrow, went on their quest, but not too long after, they arrived at a frozen body along the track to Emerald city.
This Tinman, with axe in hand, was as desperate as the Scarecrow since he didn't have a brain.
Acknowledging he may possibly want the wizard's assistance, Dorothy and the Scarecrow asked the Tinman to their clique.
The Tinman might have been heartless, but his metallic cover made him glistening and durable.
To appear like the Tinman, you will be needing face make up to be in character as well as a silver axe to finish the look.
So, what's fearless, large, and furry? A lion, of course! Even if the Lion in the Land of Oz was not as ferocious as he reckoned himself to be, you can play the role of the braver yet gentler Lion and join Dorothy on her quest to see Oz.

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