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Joint Problems in Dogs - 5 Ways You Can Help!

Joint problems in dogs are never fun.
The pain, swelling, and stiffness are often too much for pet and pet guardian alike.
Joint problems in your dog can make your best friend feel miserable, and you...
Take heed of the following five steps.
They can alleviate your dog's joint problems in no time!
  1. Massage.
    Yes, massage! Simply take a minute or two, once or twice a day, to generously massage the muscles surrounding the affected joint.
    Obviously, you never actually want to touch the joint itself, but when you give a real, heart-felt rubdown to the surrounding muscles, you will relieve you dog's pain in a huge way!
  2. Acupressure.
    This can also provide significant pain relief.
    Keep your dog in the lying position (you'll want your dog to lay down during the massage) so that he or she is extremely comfortable.
    What you'd like to do immediately following the massage is to squeeze his or her akeela's heel (the one closest to the affected joint) with your thumb and middle finger.
    Do it firmly, like you really mean it, for 30 to 60 seconds.
    Just watch your dog go into "bliss" mode while you're doing this!
  3. FOOD! It is absolutely essential for getting your dog back on track to offer your buddy healthy, natural food.
    One ingredient in your dog's food makes all the difference between misery and happiness.
    That ingredient is glucosamine.
    Many specialty dog foods will be labeled "joint health formula.
    " Read the ingredients.
    If the food is high in glucosamine, it's probably a winner!
  4. Light exercise.
    This is important for two reasons.
    Firstly, you need to keep your dog's joints lubricated.
    Gentle movement is a great way to do this.
    Secondly, the lighter you keep your dog (within reason, of course), the easier his or her affected joint will have it.
    We're not talking about anything major, here.
    Just a nice walk every day should suffice.
    Just note the importance of managing your dog's weight.
  5. Supplementation.
    Avoid chemical painkillers.
    A dog's body is not meant to handle medicine.
    Instead, implement a homeopathic supplement regimen.
    This can work absolute miracles for your dog's joint problems.
    Make sure your supplement contains ingredients proven to deal with pain, swelling, and stiffness.
Do these five simple things for your dog's joint problems and watch the amazing transformation happen before your very eyes!

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