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5 Feng Shui Tips For Home Remodeling

Since people only want the best in life, they resort to various Chinese beliefs like feng shui just to attract positive energy.
Same applies when remodeling your house, principles governing placement of furniture, color harmony, and elements are incorporated to make the dwelling place more conducive.
Feng shui is a Chinese belief of beautifying a place, be it a residence or a building.
Its purpose is focused on receiving positive energy by attracting good fortune and health in one's life.
It utilizes certain instruments such as magnetic compass and bagua in defining correlation between the solar system and environment.
It aims to balance a place and the forces of nature.
Therefore when remodeling your home, make sure you apply feng shui principles, which are as follows: Play around with color to add harmony in your home One principle feng shui experts use is the color harmony.
Various colors correspond to the 5 elements in Chinese astrology namely: fire, earth, water, wood, and metal.
Each area in life such as marriage, career, health, and travel is also represented by specific colors.
Depending on which area you want to give emphasis, the color of choice must not be contradictory.
When doing home renovation, if you want to ensure good health for your family, the dominant colors should include brown and green.
Put your kitchen out of sight Kitchen represents food, the ultimate source of sustenance or is equivalent to wealth.
Therefore, it should be positioned at the center of the house, just as the heart is located at the center of the body.
It should be in a place where it can't be easily seen by visitors.
As much as possible, never place it near any access point as the nourishment may leak out of the house.
Flaunt a reflector Since kitchen means wealth, Chinese consultants would advise to put something that creates reflection.
Its purpose is to multiply prosperity through the replica produced.
It can be in the form of a mirror, stainless utensils, or anything that replicates an image.
Tap better source of lighting The Chinese system we are talking about involves utilization of energy; and light is definitely the ultimate source of energy.
Therefore, never take lighting for granted as this greatly influences the overall quality of your life.
Monotonous brightness may cause boredom and stress while, wide array of light spectrum encourages creativity, enthusiasm, and happiness.
Do not just go for plain, white light; instead try diverse light colors and intensities.
The more shades of light present at home, the more drama it creates making your life more meaningful.
Counteract wealth drain in your bathroom It is obvious that water is the prevailing element in the bathroom.
Regular flushing is expected; therefore, it has to be counteracted because water is wealth.
This is possible by placing earth element such as fresh flowers or vessel of pebbles directly above the toilet.
Although this belief contributes somehow in the quality of life of many people; however, this does not always promise a positive return.
Hard work still plays a great role in creating your future.

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