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News Pollution in Conflict Zones

News Pollution in Conflict Zones

News Pollution, worldover, may be another growing threat to human psychology but conflict zones of the world are the worst hit.

Ahmad Kashmiri

There is a kashmiri saying " Ekes Dazav Makane, Byakh Aayav Wautt Buzne"(while some bodies house was burning, another man had come to bake  his cob). Same applies to the politicians who always try to bake their political cob when people are subjected to the oven of sufferings and atrocities. At a time when scenarios are burning in the mayhem of screams and mournings for atrocities, brutalities and corrupt practices, these politicians left no stone unturned in gaining the political mileage out of the mayhem. Sometimes they raise hue and cry for the scarcity and short supply of ‘essential commodities' like sugar, kerosene, rice or for that matter the electricity transformer requirement. And when these things fall under incompetence to gain the desired mileage due to one or the other reason then these politicians resort to allegations and cross allegations for corruption, scams and scandals with their rival mainstream parties or persons. Even when this formula too fails they vow the ‘Kashmir issue' and try to undermine the masses. Some media being their own one and the other media including the print media being constraintly working in conflict zones, these, politicians do succeeded in their mission to some extent though not permanently.  

 Last year most of the killed boys were below the age of 14 years. It  is pertinent to mention here that the developed world has many laws and regulations for the child labour which applies to the same age group and the laws are in vogue and are implemented almost everywhere in the world with the largest democracy of the world- India being no exception. But Alas! The same developed world had become the mere spectator when  teen-ager boys and girls are murdered in cold blood in these conflict ridden areas of the world like Palestine, Iraq and Kashmir. India has a pride of having child-loving leaders like Aanjahani Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and A P J Abul Kalam.

And while the blood of teen agers continued to gush out and their killings continued, yet the politicians succeeded in encroaching the news columns despite the fact that the audiences especially the readers of the newspapers were emetic to this type of news, thinking, that if at all, it could be categorized as a hard-news following the tempest condition of the situation in Kashmir. The rival politicians have been on the mission of  down playing with each other, and the newspapers having ethical and other professional constraints, carry the developments going on from day to day with respect to the political scenario of Kashmir. But following the ground situation of Kashmir politicians and their ‘business' is least important to a common Kashmiri.

 Indeed in such times even if the ruling power gets transferred from one political party to another and thereby chief minister gets changed or if the State Assembly gets dissolved and the Governor rule follows, it does not have any core importance as the analysts believe in. The core issue in which lies the main root of all the offshoots of uncertainty, unrest, upsurge or whatever the terminology one may use for it, is the root cause of the conflict and in kashmiris case it is unresolved Kashmir dispute. It can neither be cocooned nor embedded in the causes of poverty, unemployment, social-injustice or the development and progress thereof. These causes are indeed, the escape sequences, which politicians have been availing. But finally it is difficult that these escape sequences work longer because the sprit has gets transferred to forthcoming generations of these conflict ridden areas of the world., which(generations) grew only in the ups and downs of the vigorous stage of movements. The celebrity columnists call this generation as the ‘conflict generation'.

 The analysts who have a vigilant eye on the developments taking place in Kashmir believe that there is tough time for politicians who have to face this conflict generation every now and then. Because this generation has matured to understand the all kinds of ‘developments' (things) taking place inKashmir. These teenagers are much witty and bold to come under any trick and flattering by today's ‘seasoned' politicians. Their courage is sky-scraping, their aspirations are soaring.

Infact, sometimes, while writing, one shifts off the track, but this approach of getting deviated too has a reason and that reason is the whirlpool of scenarios being in vogue as is in a place like Kashmir. Anyway, I was supposed to write on ‘‘News Pollution" I don't know upto what extent I did justice with the title and if at all the editor will keep the same title for this piece of write up.  So for we have come to know about water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution etc. all these pollutions cause panic and exhaustion to the people. But perhaps now we all have got trapped in the News pollution, which has various dimensions and is more dangerous than all other pollutions. News Pollution, worldover, may be another growing threat to human psychology but conflict zones of the world are the worst hit.


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