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Basic Facts of the Chess Pieces


    • The king moves one square and captures other pieces in any direction on each turn. It begins the game in the first row of squares on the board.


    • The queen begins the game next to the king, in the center of the first row. The queen moves and captures other pieces on any straight line, moving any number of squares.


    • To start, put the rooks in the corners of the board. They move any number of squares, either horizontally or vertically.


    • Knights stand next to the rooks at the beginning of the game. They move and capture in an L shape: two squares in one direction, either vertical or horizontal, and one square in the other. Knights are the only pieces that can jump over other pieces.


    • To start, put the bishops next to the knights. They move and capture any number of squares diagonally.


    • Pawns line the second row of squares at the beginning of a game. They move one square forward, except that a pawn can move one or two squares the first time it moves. Unlike the other pieces, pawns can't move forward if another piece stands in the way. They capture other pieces diagonally. If a pawn crosses the board to the other player's first row, the owner can turn it into any other piece except a king.

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