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Simple Steps Can Help You Avoid a Workplace Injury

A workplace injury can happen in a lot of different ways.
Some injuries are sudden and unexpected.
Like an equipment malfunction or a slip and fall.
These injuries are hard to prevent.
Another form of workplace injury is repetitive trauma.
This happens when someone works at a computer for long hours or does another form of repetitive movement daily.
Working at a computer can cause neck and back injuries as well as carpal tunnel.
People often don't understand how severe these injuries can be and if you rely on these motions for work a repetitive trauma can really prevent you from doing your job.
It can also require substantial medical care that can lead to a lot of medical bills.
The big difference is that you cannot prevent an accident from occurring but there are things you can do to avoid a repetitive trauma injury.
If your computer work seems to be leading you to neck and back pain that could worsen there are a few things that you can do to stay healthy and avoid the injury from becoming more serious.
Posture - When you work at a desk in front of a computer the placement of your computer screen and keyboard can greatly affect your posture.
Sitting for long hours with poor posture can be very bad for your body and aggravate back and neck pain over time.
If you know you'll be spending long hours at a computer make changes to your work station to put the computer and keyboard at a good height for you.
Get a Comfortable Chair - Anyone who has a favorite chair that they relax in after work will tell you how comfortable and relaxed it makes them feel.
It's not practical to bring your recliner to work but it is important to find a chair that promotes good posture.
If you are uncomfortable you will sit in a way that causes back and neck pain.
Make sure that your chair is at the right height for your desk and the arm rests are in the correct position.
Strengthen Your Body - A great way to avoid neck and back injuries is to exercise.
It's as simple as that.
A few minutes of exercise a day greatly reduces your chances of being seriously injured at work.
Walk Instead Of Emailing - If you are prone to repetitive trauma injuries to your back and neck it's important to get up and move around.
Make sure you are standing up and walking through your office at least one time each hour.
A good way to remember to do this is to walk over and speak with a coworker instead of sending them an email.
These tips are a good practice for everyone.
Avoid unnecessary injuries at work by taking care of yourself before you get hurt.

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