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How to Make Women Happy in Bed

Many men wonder what they should say while in bed with a woman.
Should you talk dirty, praise her or just keep your mouth shut? Here are some statements which if you incorporate in your sex life you will make her crave for you and make you to take her to bed time and again.
It is important for me that you come: Many men are content in pushing and thrusting till they come and have no concerns for their partner.
Tell a woman that you need her to come too and then see what a great sex you will get.
Experiment with various positions, indulge in more foreplay - anything to make her come.
Your breasts are perfect: Every woman loves to be appreciated about her breasts.
Address her breasts as if they are the perfect pair and pay attention to them by fondling, kissing, carressing and licking them and she will be thrilled.
Go slow, it feels great: If she is on top of you this will make her think she is in control and will also let her know how much you are actually enjoying being under her.
I cannot believe how lucky I am to get all this for myself: This will make her feel wanted and special.
After all she could be out with anyone else you know and this makes her day.
Your skin is so soft and smooth: Use this statement during foreplay and make her feel more feminine and sexy.
Your ass looks stunning from here: This should be used very intelligently.
Use this when both of you are in a real naughty mood.
If you are doing it doggy-style carress her hips and bottom and throw this statement in.
I love going down on you: Women love to be stimulated orally down there as their chances of getting multiple orgasms are more likely.
Men, do not shy away from going down on your partners and make sure you let her know how much you enjoy this.
That felt absolutely great and I am still shuddering: After you have climaxed with her still in your arms unleash this statement and she will be thrilled to see that you are vulnerable and she is in control of your pleasures.
You have a perfect body: Women love to hear things like how beautiful they are, how attractive they are and how horny they make you.
This statement is a nice and sensual way of letting her know that she is sexy.
I love it when you are on top: This makes a woman feel sexy, powerful and in total control.
The result is that she will begin to grind harder and arch her back which makes it great for the man.
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