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Five Wedding Reception Mistakes -And How to Avoid them

A wedding should be a day that you can remember for the rest of your lives therefore the memories created should be good. There are some things that you should take into consideration so that the guests leave with a good picture of you and not the kind of scene that you created during the reception. With so many drinks available and the excitement around the whole thing, you may need to watch what you do and even say. Some of these are:

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

The wedding day can be so busy that you may not even get the time to grab something to eat or drink. From the time you wake up there are so many details to go over from the dressing up, makeup and trying to get to the church in time. You might even be too nervous such that you can hardly eat anything. Many times you may end up drinking on an empty stomach and this can mean disaster for you. Alcohol is easily absorbed into the body system when you have not eaten anything. The trick is to make sure that you eat throughout the day even if it is just small snacks. Even when you have had enough food throughout the day, make sure that you only drink moderately. Drink just enough to toast the occasion and avoid getting drunk.

The time to leave

One of the worst mistakes to make during the reception is leaving early. This creates a very bad impression of you for the guests because they might have traveled from far just to attend your wedding and you do not even take the time to appreciate that. Wait until the reception is over and let the guests see you and spend time with you before you head out for your honeymoon.

Music at the reception

The music you choose to play at the reception should entertain everyone and not just one particular age group. Select different types so that the guests may feel like they are also welcome at your reception. The older guests should not be seated near the music system so that they are able to carry on conversation with their family and friends. The younger people will not mind as they are used to loud music so you can put it there.

Serving the Food

The food should never take too long before you serve it because the guests may have had a light meal before your reception and could be hungry by then. The speeches should be made after they have eaten to avoid any fidgeting especially for children. Children might even disrupt the reception with their crying when they get hungry so serve the food in time.

The costs involved

Weddings can be an expensive affair and you might have extra charges that may arise during the reception. The place that you are hiring maybe on high demand, and if you are going to take any extra time there you may need to part with some more money. This is important to prevent any embarrassment during the occasion.

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