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Beginners Guide to Growing Climbing Roses

Roses have always done a great task in communicating love to other people.
But, aside from this purpose, roses also do great in beautifying our homes and gardens.
These plants are great for indoor and outdoor use.
So, whether you choose to grow them in pots inside the house or to decorate the gates or fences outside, they would still be perfect.
Now, growing climbing roses is actually not so hard.
They are much like ordinary roses only that they can climb way high up.
But, these types of roses do not actually grow like vines that can support their own; they would need outside forces to get them to do it.
The first thing to consider when growing climbing roses is the location.
You have to choose a place where it can best grow vertically.
Trellises and fences may be built later on but you might also grow your roses near them.
The plant would need these things for support - you have to attach their tendrils on to them to make sure they grow the way you want it.
Also keep in mind that they should get at least six hours of sunlight each day and good air circulation to prevent them from catching diseases.
Before you plant the roses to your chosen site, be sure to remove weeds, grasses or rocks around it.
Check the soil or add organic components such as compost.
During planting, be sure to place it at least two feet away from an existing fence to give it space to grow.
If you plan to add them later on, be sure that you do not place it too close to the plant as this could damage the roots beneath it.
Don't forget to water the plant every other day, focusing on the roots, as keeping the leaves wet and moist could damage it.
You can also water them in the morning so the leaves have ample time to dry up for the rest of the day.
When growing climbing roses, you will have to tie the canes of the roses to a support, like the fence or trellis.
It would need your help as it does not grow like vines.
Use twine or a floral wire to do this, making sure that you do not tie it too tight; otherwise you will destroy the canes.
Now, you should be able to enjoy all the hard work you did in growing climbing roses as you watch all the beautiful roses bloom around your fences.

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