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Data Capture Form - What Exactly Can Be Captured By A Data Capture Service?

When it comes to data capture, as I've discussed in previous articles, it's always advisable to outsource your findings to a professional and respected data capture and document scanning company in order for them to collate the information for you quickly and simply.
Using special software usually especially developed by the particular company, data can be gathered from the forms in order to put the information into a presentation that you can understand, scan through and get the most out of without looking at a complicated list of numbers and findings.
But on a data capture form, what exactly can be capture normally? Well it's quite simple really as the software can often be programmed to seek out particular areas of the form prior to starting the data capture work so that the scanning and gathering is as flawless as possible, however here is a short list of items that can usually be gathered with relative ease: - Check boxes.
- Tick boxes.
- Text areas (one line answers).
- Text boxes (multiple line text boxes).
- General text (reference numbers, names, dates etc.
) These can usually be capture fairly simply, but there are a couple of factors you should consider before going ahead.
Firstly, there's the fact that handwriting can not be capture automatically by software, no matter how neat or tidy it is.
Everyone's handwriting is different, for example, an 'r' to someone could actually look like an 'f' in someone else's writing, and therefore the capturing needs to be done manually, which will take a little longer and will possibly cost more.
However check and tick boxes will not be a problem once the software is programmed to find the particular areas on the data capture form.
Outsourcing is still the best way to get the information you need from market research quickly, but always contact the particular company of interest in order to verify what they can and can't do, and make sure to get a sample from them before committing 100% to the process.

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