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Life Coaching - The Process of Personal Creation

People often consider the "actions" they take as hard work and determine how easy or difficult something is by using actions as a measurement.
If you are completely aligned to your creative process, the actions you take will be a delight and a joy and will feel less like hard work.
And so it's all about enjoying the journey, and in the process, you will more readily attract to you what you want, rather than what you don't want.
It's not what you do that determines your creative journey, it's about your vibrational alignment to what you want.
The vibration or frequency of your thoughts will determine your journey; the length of it, and the quality of it.
When you are manifesting things from a place of resistance, you'll probably find that it's hard work.
When you manifesting things from a place of joy, however, you'll find that your everyday challenges become adventurous and fun.
Instead of enduring your creative journey, you'll be enjoying it.
You won't think about how hard something is because you'll be loving it so much.
As with any personal creation, creating phenomenal success means offering little resistance and attention to what you don't want and giving all of your attention towards what you do want.
Remember, what resists persists, and what you focus on expands.
This is the law of attraction.
As you focus more and more attention on what you want, you will naturally attract to you whatever it is you'll need to manifest it into your reality.
This is how any process of personal creation occurs.
Whether it is for creating wealth, poverty, sickness, love, joy, or happiness.
Setting the tone or vibrational frequency of your manifestation, and then keeping that tone consistently positive throughout the entire process -- no matter how long it takes -- is the key to manifesting your creative goals into fruition.
If you have a mixed vibration, to a lesser or greater degree, about the goal you are setting for yourself, then it will probably not manifest as your reality.
In other words, you can't keep changing your mind about what you want because the universe will naturally reflect these changes.
It's advised to refrain from thinking or using negative phrases such as "I can't.
" As soon as you say, "I can't," you've affirmed to the universe that you cannot attain a certain goal.
Even if it is clear that you've failed over and over again at a particular goal, whenever you say "I can't," this will reassure you'll fail again.
Once you shift your thoughts and words to be in positive alignment with your goals, you'll see your momentum building in the direction you want.

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