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Cheap KitchenAid Mixers

Cheap mixers are a must-have in every modern kitchen.
Most models of cheap kitchen mixers stand upright.
They usually have a base that comes with a turntable that holds on to the bowl.
In addition, it has a motor that spins the 2 beaters in opposed directions which makes it mix the cooking ingredients carefully.
Below are some examples of good cheap mixers.
Artisan Stand Mixers, 5 Quarts - This product is manufactured by KitchenAid.
It normally costs 349.
99 US dollars but as a limited time offer, it now costs 242.
99 US dollars.
If you buy now, you will get about 31 percent off or 107 US dollars worth of savings off of the original price.
It is a 325-watt food mixer that comes with 10 different speeds.
The product also comes with a 5-quart bowl made of stainless steel.
It features a tilt-back head to ensure easy access to the mixture.
The set also includes a piece of pouring shield along with a large chute built for adding ingredients and a flat beater as well as a wire whip and a dough hook.
This product measures 14 inches by 8 inches by 14 inches.
It is also inclusive of a 1-year warranty.
It only weighs 22 pounds.
Amongst the numerous cheap mixers available, this is one of the ideal ones for you.
Classic Stand Mixer, White (Model: K45SS) - This 250-watt mixer is manufactured by KitchenAid.
It originally costs 269 US dollars but you can now avail it for only 198.
96 US dollars.
It is also eligible for free shipping.
That is about 26 percent off or 71.
03 US dollars worth of savings.
It features 10 speeds, a tilt-back head and a 4.
5-quart bowl that can hold dough for two to three loaves of bread.
It also comes with 3 handy accessories such as a wire whip, dough hook and a flat beater.
It comes with a one year warranty and only weighs 28 pounds.
Ultra Power Plus Stand Mixer, 4 Quarts (Model: KSM100PSWW) - This cheap mixer is white in color and brought to us by KitchenAid.
It originally costs 309.
99 US dollars but you can now avail it for only 236.
63 US dollars.
It is a 10-speed mixer with a 300-watt motor and a large 4.
5 quarts of stainless steel bowl.
It features a tilt-up head for easy adding of ingredients.
It has dishwasher safe parts.
The product includes a dough whip, flat beater and a wire whip.

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