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How to Siphon Gas From a 318

    • 1). Locate the fuel door on the passenger side of the vehicle. Open the fuel door and remove the cap covering the fuel filling receptacle.

    • 2). Feed six feet of 3/8-inch clear tubing through the fuel filling receptacle. Continue feeding the hose until it reaches the bottom of the fuel tank.

    • 3). Create a long loop of hose that reaches the ground and comes up to a level above the current fuel level in the tank. Place your mouth around the end of the tube and suck the gas out of the tank until it comes out through the tube.

    • 4). Lower the tube into an approved gas container and allow the gas to flow out of the tank and into the container. After enough gas has been siphoned, cover the end of the tube and raise it above the level of the gas in the tank. Uncover the end and allow any remaining gas to flow back into the tank.

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