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How to Create an Easy Photo Invitation

    Design Online

    • 1). Choose a photograph that accurately depicts the person or event that you are celebrating with your party. If it is a housewarming, select a nice shot of the new home. If it is a birthday party or anniversary, a picture of the person or people being celebrated is a strong choice.

    • 2). Upload the photo to the photo printing service website of your choice. There are a variety of sites that offer photo invitation design and printing services, in addition to allowing users to order prints of regular photos online.

    • 3). Select your layout. Most sites will offer standard templates from which to choose. These may include long photos, a colored background and a spot for the picture to be placed, offset or options that utilize the photo itself as the background.

    • 4). Enter the wording for your invitation, being sure to include the specifics of who the party is being thrown by, where and when the party is being held, and how to RSVP for the party. Keep your wording concise and include any special instructions that your guests may need, such as "It's a surprise" or "Come in costume."

    • 5). Select the number of invitations that you will need, and order your invitations. Some services will actually provide an option for you to supply names and addresses, and they will mail out the invitations on your behalf.

    Design at Home

    • 1). Select the photo that you want to use for the invitation.

    • 2). Open your software program and begin a new project or document. If using a word processing program or a document preparation program, choose a document size of 3" x 5" or whatever size you wish to use. If using a photo editing package, open the photo you would like to use.

    • 3). Insert the photo that you would like to use into your document for word processing or document preparation programs.

    • 4). Add a text box, with all of the wording of your invitation to your invitation. If the words will be on top of the photo, set a transparent background for the text box. If the words will be next to the photo or on the back of the photo, choose whatever background you would like.

    • 5). Print your invitations on photo paper, using a color printer.

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