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How to Export Blogger into a Moveable Type Blog

    • 1). Install Movable Type and Blogger into an FTP server. This is important because it will make it easy to save the export file from Blogger and import this file into Movable Type later. After installing, be sure to log on to your FTP and check if the Blogger and Movable Type folders are installed properly. You should be able to see these folders in your FTP directory in the part of your site where you installed it.Detailed instructions on how to install Movable Type can be found here: instructions can be found here:

    • 2). Log on to Blogger and click Change Settings. In the Formatting tab, change the timestamp format to m/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss am/pm. In the convert line breaks option, choose no. Then save your settings.In the Archiving tab, select Monthly Archiving and No to enable post pages. In the archive path line box and in the archive URL line box, add "export/". In the archive filename, change it to mtimport.txt, then click Save.Recap:archiving: monthlyenable post pages: noarchive path add exportarchive url add exportarchive filename: mtimport.txtsaveIn the Template tab, turn off the template and delete everything in the textbox and copy the code below. After pasting it into the text box, save Template Changes, and click Republish.<Blogger><ArchivePage>AUTHOR: <$BlogItemAuthor$>TITLE: <PostSubject><$BlogItemSubject$></PostSubject>DATE: <$BlogItemDateTime$>-----BODY:<$BlogItemBody$>-------------</ArchivePage></Blogger>

    • 3). Log into your FTP and download the export folder where this file was saved. You should be able to locate this in the export folder within the main Blogger folder. In the FTP directory, go to the Blogger folder and right click on the Export folder, then click Download. This will download the entire export folder.

    • 4). In the FTP directory, go to the Movable Type folder and create a new folder called Import. Locate the export folder that you just downloaded a minute ago and import the files inside of the folder to your new Import folder. Note: only upload the .txt file into the folder and not the whole export folder.

    • 5). Go to the Movable Type website and log in. You will be changing the settings in the Import/Export. On the right side of the page you will see a menu where you can change various settings. Click to Import/Export on the lower left hand side of this menu. Check the box that says Import Entries As Me, and for the default post status, select Publish. Hit Import Entries. After all of your entries have been imported, go back and reload the page. Successful importation of your entries means that on the right hand side of the page, you will see all your entries that were previously made in Blogger. Click Rebuild Site.

    • 6). Go to your Movable Type blog in your website and you will be able to see your entries just as if it was originally created with the Movable Type system.

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