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Anthropology Science Projects


    • Although archaeology is a broad topic, you can narrow down project topic choices by selecting a country whose archaeological ruins interest you. This project has to be combined with field work to present an authentic report. The field work will combine surveying and excavation of archaeological artifacts. Projects in this field can study the different excavation methods used and also the drawbacks of shoddy practices. They can also study ancient civilizations and how information was derived from paintings, artifacts and books.

    Linguistic Anthropology

    • Linguistics is the study of language, and linguistic anthropology studies how language shapes a society. Projects in this field can study ancient languages or languages used today and how they are being modified as the world becomes a global village. One project could study language used in a marketing campaign and how it keeps changing to suit the target audience. Another project could study the origins and evolution of English used in hip-hop songs.

    Cultural Anthopology

    • This branch of anthropology investigates and studies cultural differences in the world. It also aims to study the impact of modernization and globalization. Projects in this field require interviews, group discussions and surveys. Projects could study traditional patriarchal roles in different cultures. Another example would be to study how globalization has affected indigenous tribes. Projects can also compare and contrast cultures that have the same geographical origins.

    Environmental Anthropology

    • Environmental anthropology studies human interactions with the natural world. In this branch of anthropology, projects are devoted to understanding environmental problems based on varying cultural scenarios. Project can make a detailed study of policies being implemented to benefit society and preserve ecological balances. They can also describe the communication and cultural barriers that reformers face when attempting to persuade a community to preserve its environment.

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