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This is What Chronic Yeast Infection Entails

Chronic yeast infection can make ones life very miserable and it is advised that people do not wait for the symptoms of yeast infection to progress but to find a solution as soon as possible.
Chronic means very severe and even though a yeast infection, on its own is deadly, coupled with other factors can be very serious and life threatening.
Firstly, when you know the causes of chronic yeast infection, you will be in a position to make better decisions for yourself.
The one celled fungus is responsible for causing the infection and although it is harmless in the body, when conditions are warm and sweet, the fungus can multiply and grow to attack your system.
There are therefore factors that facilitate the growth of yeast in your body and they include low immunity.
This can be caused by chronic diseases like diabetes and AIDS.
Another thing that will cause low immunity is stress and poor diet.
You should take a diet rich in whole foods and green vegetables which should not be overcooked.
Chronic yeast infection will be caused by the use of antibiotics and steroids and if it is necessary for you to avoid this medications, do so but, you must first consult your doctor.
Women can suffer from chronic yeast infection by using scented sanitary products and douching.
The vagina should never be cleaned because you will interfere with its natural cleaning mechanism.
In women, birth control pills present a serious danger because they have been known to cause chronic yeast infection.
There are many options and you do not have the excuse not to switch to another method.
In pregnancy, yeast infections will be prevalent and this is because of the various changes that are occurring in the body.
You are advised to take safe medications for this problem.
Chronic yeast infections can present themselves with very many symptoms and they can also be mistaken for other diseases.
The infection can affect virtually every part of the body starting with the skin, vagina, penis, mouth, toes, lungs, gut and the list is endless.
If you suspect having an infection let the doctor carry out some tests on you before you undertake the medication.
On the internet, there are details and pictures which show how chronic yeast infection comes to be.
It can cause you lungs to be impaired and even your bone density to be reduced.
Some people are not aware that they have very serious infections until it reaches very serious levels.
It is also called systemic yeast infection and the kind that presents itself from the gut can cause major intestinal harm.
When the yeast reach the blood stream, they can go to all parts of the body including the brain and this can cause mental impairments.
The yeast releases so many toxins to your system and you will have so many symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, constipation, skin problems and many more.
At this stage, the patients are given oral pills to treat them and they may undergo other treatments that will get the severe yeast problems out of their systems.
Therefore, make sure you get empowered with the right information so that you can make better decisions.
Avoid taking foods that are rich in yeast and also avoid processed sugars.
Take in green vegetables and whole foods.

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