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Tourism in Orissa – Learn more from the Odisha Samaya

Orissa is a very famous and beautiful tourist attraction, situated majestically on the eastern coastline of the Indian subcontinent. It represents a perfect combination of attractive destinations, rich cultures, and friendly people. Hence, it is very rightly called the ‘Soul of India'. 

Its destinations have diverse attractive features, from religious importance to amazing architecture to beautiful handmade products. For example, the market in Baripada is filled with vendors selling handloom products of Chandanpur and stone carving of Khiching, whereas silk saris are available in Berhampur. Berhampur is also famous for its temples and unique culture. Other places in Orissa famous for their beautiful and exquisite temples include Bhawanipatna, Keonjhar which houses the famous Tarini temple, Konark famous for its Sun temple, and Puri which is considered the abode of Lord Jagannath. The Odisha Samaya provides Oriya news about all these places so that you can conveniently plan your next religious trip here. 

Orissa is also a place of great natural beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world. Some of its famous attractions include the Chilka lake which is the largest brackish water lake in Asia, Dhenkanal which has the most ancient forest covers with amazingly diverse flora and fauna, Jeypore with its meadows, forests, waterfalls, terraced valleys, and darting springs, the famous Sanghagara and Badghagara waterfalls in Keonjhar,Simlipal which is a land of great beauty and an irresistible tourist spot, and Daringibadi which is popularly known as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha'. You can find Odia news on all these destinations and more from the Odisha Samaya. 

Out of 437 different tribes in India, 62 are found in Orissa which contribute about 22% of the total population of the state. They reside in the hilly and forested areas of Orissa and earn their living by collecting, hunting, and fishing. Although their belief systems and religious practices vary across the classes of tribes, their cultural practices remain similar throughout Orissa. They form a very important part of the population of Orissa and you can obtain Oriya news about the various tribes of Orissa from the Odisha Samaya. 

Orissa is a land of festivals and the celebrations here are extremely happy, fun-filled occasions. At the same time, people acknowledge the reason behind each festival with piousness and celebrate the differences and uniqueness of each religious occasion. Apart from the common festivals celebrated all over India, there are some special festivals that represent the true spirit of Orissa. These include the Konark festival, the international sand art festival, the DhauliKalingaMahotsav, the Mukteswar Dance festival, and the Rajarani Music festival. Each of these special festivals have a unique history and are celebrated with much enthusiasm and energy.

The true beauty and character of Orissa is very aptly highlighted in the Odia news provided by the Odisha Samaya. The website of this newspaper provides an e-copy of the day's newspaper, apart from the latest news and events from around India and the world.

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