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How to Give Your Woman a Gratifying Orgasm

Recognizing how to please your woman is an essential skill if you wish her to go crazy all over you in bed.
You may think this is simple but there are many men who have absolutely no understanding of what it takes to arouse a women.
Below you will see a few stunning tips to assist you to give your woman the most gratifying time of her life.
First of all you must go slow.
Most women don't like to rush this and this is the mistake that most men make.
You need to caress your woman slowly for her to get fully aroused.
Simply kiss her all over her body and use your tongue to play with her sensitive areas.
You could for example use your tongue to play with her ear lobes and the nipples of her breast.
The second thing you should also do is to talk to her.
Assure her that she has an awesome body and that she is really beautiful.
This will put her at ease knowing that you accept her for who she is.
By this time you will have charmed her.
However be aware not to exaggerate it.
Do not tell her that she has a "Beyonce Knowles body" if you know that she does not.
She will know that you're not being truthful, and that will make things worse for you.
Recognize that she's under your spell, and by this time she will be having the time of her life.
Your concern now is to give her a body shaking orgasm so that she will be screaming in ecstasy.
You could use your fingers to arouse her sensitive areas and at the same time, because you are aroused you can her excite her G-spot.

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