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How to Clean Creosote Buildup in a Fireplace Insert

    • 1). Put on gloves and a dust mask, and remove large pieces of partially burned wood and other large debris from the fireplace insert. Put the pieces into a trash bag.

    • 2). Sweep the ashes and soot from the fireplace into a dustpan with a broom.

    • 3). Hook up a round hose attachment to your vacuum, and vacuum the fireplace insert. Be sure to get all the ashes and dust from the corners of the insert.

    • 4). Mix a gallon of water with a cup of bleach. Scrub the creosote from the fireplace insert with a hard bristle brush and the cleaning mixture. Clean the floor of the insert and all of the walls by scrubbing them vigorously.

    • 5). Wet a rag with plain tap water, and wring it out. Go over the walls and floor of the fireplace insert with the rag to remove the bleach mixture and any remaining creosote.

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