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In Search of a Stop Your Divorce Book That Really Delivers

Thousands of people are searching for a "stop your divorce" book that will really help them to save a marriage in crisis.
Some people will find titles that offer great advice and perspective.
Others will fall victim to lousy advice that will probably hasten their divorce.
Are you looking for a good book to help you save the marriage?Consider these factors when looking for guidance.
Author Qualifications The fact that someone has a PhD or extensive experience doesn't automatically mean that anything he or she writes is going to be the gospel truth.
However, experience is an indicator that the author knows something about the topic of saving marriages.
Don't rely on a book written by someone who's mainly recounting his or her own personal journey through a rocky marriage.
That kind of purely anecdotal information may make a great read, but it probably won't do you any good.
Additionally, I would certainly put more trust in an author with real-world experience over a purely academic manifesto.
Expand Your Horizons Don't make your choice of a marriage advice book solely from a list of today's best sellers.
There are wonderful texts available that "fly under the radar" of the major media.
In fact, many highly qualified authors with some of the best advice about saving a troubled marriage don't even operate in the traditional print media these days.
Electronic books, distributed via the Internet can be a very promising way to get the guidance you need to save your marriage.
The Cookie Cutter Test Avoid "save the marriage" texts that offer a single solution to every problem and relationship.
These cookie cutter books are unlikely to get to the core of your marital problems.
Although every difficult marriage has something in common with others, the best advice recognizes that there is no "one size fits all" way to stop divorce in every case.
If you want a "stop your divorce" book that will actually help you to preserve your marriage, keep these three factors in mind.
Doing so can help you to make a wise decision--a decision that may fix a broken marriage.

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