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How to Paint a Large Mural

    • 1). Take a photograph of the scene or object you plan to paint to a photo developing shop and have it converted into an image slide.

    • 2). Clean the area you plan to paint.

      Use a pressure washer to clean exterior surfaces; dust interior surfaces with a broom.

    • 3). Position canvas drop cloths beneath the area you plan to paint.

    • 4). Apply a base coat of bonding primer to the area, using a roller affixed to a telescoping extension pole.

      Roll vertically and smooth out runs before they have a chance to dry. Let the area dry for two hours.

    • 5). Wash the roller with water.

    • 6). Insert your slide into the projector. Position your projector so it casts the entire mural image onto the primed surface.

    • 7). Paint the mural with acrylic paint, using 1- to 4-inch polyester paintbrushes.

      Use the cast image as a guide. Start painting at the top of the mural. Use an extension ladder to access this area if necessary. Continue painting each detail; lower the extension ladder as you work your way down the mural. Let the acrylic paint dry for two hours.

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