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How to Get a Cute Boy to Ask Me Out

    Show Off Your Confidence

    • 1). Be confident. If you're naturally a little unsure of yourself, don't worry -- you're not alone. The saying, "fake it 'til you make it," really does apply in this case: if you behave like a confident person would, then you will begin to feel more confident as you discover it draws people to you and makes you more enjoyable to be around. Wear your favorite article of clothing to help boost your confidence when you're around the person with whom you want to go out. Keep reminding yourself that you have a lot to offer someone. Make a list of everything you like about yourself, and read it frequently.

    • 2). Practice flirting. Go out with a small group of your friends to a new location where you don't already know everyone. If you're at a cafe or similar setting, opt for a table in an open location rather than a booth: this makes you more approachable physically, which will make you appear approachable personally. Make eye contact with people you think are attractive. Be careful not to simply stare other people down: smile!

    • 3). Approach the boy with whom you want to go out, if you have your eye on someone specific, and initiate a conversation. This may be difficult if you're naturally inclined to prefer space and time alone, but surely you'll know from being with your friends how rewarding it can be to take a risk. Remember, the worst that can happen is the interaction will be a little awkward. You have nothing to lose! Keep the conversation light. Ask them about an interest, hobby, class, or job you share. Always remember to smile and be yourself.

    • 4). Ask the other person out, if all else fails. Who knows? Perhaps he's similarly shy and afraid you'll reject him! You don't have to phrase the invitation explicitly. Tell him, "Hey, I noticed that new coffee place just opened on Main Street and I wanted to go try it out. Do you want to go with me and find out if their espresso is any good?"

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