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ADHD and Impulsivity - Can Impulsivity Be Turned Into A Long Term Positive?

Impulsive behaviors in ADHD individuals certainly have their drawbacks. For instance the ADHD teen has a 400 percent greater chance of being involved in an auto accident. Other examples of negative behaviors of impulsive children and adults alike with ADHD include blurting out answers before a question is finished, making inappropriate and ill timed comments, horning in on conversations of which they are uninvited, violating others personal space, acting before considering the consequences, regularly exhibiting risky behaviors, wanting things immediately, and in general having little understanding of what the word patience means.

By looking at this list one could easily conclude that ADHD and impulsivity translates into a train wreck of lifelong negative outcomes filled with instances of reckless, careless, and stupid behaviors.

But what if I told you that some of these very traits could launch those with ADHD and impulsivity to greater success than their peers. You probably would immediately assume that your well meaning information article writer had either had a little too much to drink or had permanently fallen off of his rocker. I can assure you that neither is the case, though some might argue that my rocker may be tilting a bit. Nevertheless, why don't we now move on to how ADHD and impulsivity could be transform itself into a positive aspect of one's personality later in life.

In some respects courage is synonymous with impulsive behavior. The history books are filled with individuals riddle with ADHD and impulsivity who have changed the course of history. The key for many of them was the ability to blend creativity with ADHD and impulsivity to come up with a unique formula for success. Without these talented individuals we might still be riding horse to work and using quill pens and hand written dictionaries to do our research. Let's look at a three examples of how ADHD and impulsivity viewed in a positive light might play out in everyday life.

*I know a lot of people think deep water scuba diving is dangerous but after learning the skills, I am able to dive in a way that minimizes danger but still gives me the excitement I crave.

*I was worried about accepting the new job on the spot but my impulsivity allowed me to get my foot in the door just ahead of my rivals, now I am making more money while doing work that is both more stimulating and enjoyable.

*I was really nervous at the prospect of having to take the first step by asking that cute guy out, but my instincts told me that this one was not worth letting get away. After years of marriage and three great kids I recognize that it was my impulsivity that made it all possible.

In conclusion, when asking can ADHD and impulsivity be turned into a long term positive it is difficult to tell, but one thing is for sure when impulsivity is combined with the right set of positive circumstances the sky is the limit.

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