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How to Really Understand Your Product to Write Effective Sales Copy

Understanding your product is important.
If you don't understand your product well, it will be hard to write copy for it that gets sales.
You might be the creator of your product, so you know the product inside out.
But you still need to know it in a specific way so you can sell it effectively.
For instance, you know your computer keyboard very well because you use it often, perhaps even every day.
But do you know it on a level where you're able to sell it? To know your product, you need to know its features and benefits.
Features are the descriptive facts about your product.
Benefits are the advantages your prospect gets from your product.
In other words, benefits show what's in it for the prospect.
As an example, let's say you're selling a cup.
Its features are that it's white, is circular, and has a handle.
Its benefits are that its white color makes it easy to distinguish your cup from other cups, the circular shape lets the liquid easily flow into your mouth, and the handle lets you conveniently hold your cup.
How do you understand the features and benefits of your product? First, list all the features of your product that you can think of.
Then translate each feature into a benefit, just like in the example above.
Sometimes you can list more than one benefit for a feature.
Do so if you can.
It will give you more material to work with when you write your copy.

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