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Love Making Tips

More often than not, married couples face a rather weird issue.
The husband loves the wife and the wife loves the husband, and yet they miss the best love to be made.
Taken by surprise? Go and ask your intimate married friends.
They may initially deny any shortcoming, but asked from the right angle and right perspective, you shall shortly realize that in 2 out of 3 marriages, the love making part is either too quick, or too short, or not arousing enough, or not passionate enough.
At least, that is what the spouses think.
In some other cases, the gap between the love making wanted and the love making experienced is even starker.
As a counselor, I have seen a number of marriages break up simply due to improper love making and its consequences.
To be the best lover, one has to be a little educated.
Very easy education, and yet they can change your entire life.
Let me tell you what not to do if you want to make love.
Do not:
  1. Jump on to the bed and start making love.
  2. Overlook that love making has at least 3 steps - mind setting, foreplay and sex (there are more, but this is enough to begin with).
  3. Deny your partner the time she needs to enjoy every step of love.
  4. Forget that just like your needs and style, your partner to has her own needs and style.
Finally, cherish love making in its own rights and enjoy the entire juice of making love.

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