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A Review of The Emerald Passport Income Opportunity

I am going to attempt to give a review on the Emerald Passport system.
When I first went to the website, it was beautiful, with great photos fading into another, depicting a lifestyle of the rich on a cruise with the beautiful ocean behind them, another with a business meeting all smiles and another of a family, spending time together hiking, a couple on the beach, all portraying the lifestyle we all want to achieve.
Under the picture, there is in a box, the quote "There is a global market here that is potentially worth hundreds of billions of dollars!" -Peter Drucker, Forbes Magazine.
This, from their site, is a direct marketing firm that gives everyone the same opportunity to achieve financial success, using a business platform to run your business.
They offer a 75% profit on every sale.
You earn professional earnings while building residual income.
The product is offering Personal -Growth and Wealth-Creation.
They claim that traditional education alone is not adequate to help you become successful and compete in this century.
They have educational products to teach you long-term financial and personal success.
They say they have a user friendly, cutting-edge marketing system, making your ability to earn wealth fun and effortless for even the novice, no experience required.
You will have a coach to help you get your business-building plan tailored to your personality and your background.
You will then have everything you need to be a great success.
Well, I kind of think this sounds a bit too good to be true.
But I am giving it the benefit of the doubt.
Emerald Passport has been in business for about 4 years and done pretty well.
Their biggest selling factor is actually their website that I just described.
They also have on the site a 4 min video that shows you the life you will have and deserve.
How this business will help so many people that you approach.
How every sale you make will change another person's life for good.
Now, how do you make money with this company?Emerald Passport is an "aussie 2-up" plan.
This means that your first two sales go to your sponsor and you get to keep the third one.
This may not sound so bad, even though the first two sales are always the hardest in any business.
The hard part is the initial sign up fee of$1295.
After you pay that, you are required to attend two upper level conferences that cost $8000 and $13,000.
These conferences are toward self-development, but are kept a mystery, and they are always held in Panama.
Emerald Passport does have decent products, but to get going in this business takes a huge chunk of change.
Then you have to get your first 2 sales before you can ever start getting that money back.
Another thing to consider is where the company is based, which is Panama.
Why are they based in Panama and not in the US?Does this protect them in legal ways or possibly in their taxes? Will it affect your clients on getting refunds easily? Another thing to consider is they do not provide a product that is exclusive to their company.
You can find these types of programs dealing with finances and real estate anywhere for a lot less.

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