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Planning the Wedding - Crucial Steps

Weddings are fun, but anyone who has ever planned a wedding might be happy to tell you about the horror stories of everything that went wrong.
Unfortunately, this happens all too often no matter how well you plan or how experienced your resources might be.
Planning the wedding doesn't have to be like that, though.
Of course, trying to cram plans into a tiny timeframe just doesn't work well.
Arranging a reception for 200 people in two weeks is all but impossible if you expect all the bells and whistles to be perfectly in place.
One of the most important factors, therefore, in planning any wedding is to make sure the timeframe matches the type of wedding.
Any formal affair that entails hundreds of guests, designer gowns, destination travel plans, a celebrity style caterer, and additional custom touches, will take at least a year of virtual full time planning.
For a smaller wedding of perhaps 'family and friends' or 'under 50 people' you're still looking at two months, although a month (with lots of help) might be reasonable.
One of the most time consuming aspects is choosing the dress.
Women spend weeks and weeks looking for that perfect dress.
If this isn't something you have time for, and perhaps aren't even interested in, rent one! This is a fast upcoming business aimed solely at women who realize how cost effective this is.
One fitting, one payment, and you can wait till a week before the wedding.
Bridesmaids? Have them do the same thing.
Delegation is the key to success, no matter what the size the wedding is.
Find friends and family whom you can trust, and have them manage one entire process from the start to finish.
Tell them exactly what you want and let them handle it.
With smart phones that can handle video, photos, voice notes, web browsing, and text and messages, you can be kept up to date with what's happening.
Instead of spending time at a printer pouring through books and books of invitations, print your own.
There are specialty papers and kits made for all types of invitations and they cost a fraction of professional done invites.
If time is of the essence, give people your email for RSVPs.
Formal sit down dinners are cumbersome, error prone, and rarely appreciated.
With photos, dancing, talking, and catching up with family and friends, many dinners remain untouched.
Opt for something just as elegant but easier on the budget and probably more enjoyable.
Wine and cheese receptions are quite popular, as are desserts only with a coffee bar set up instead of a full bar.
Double check last minute details 48 hours ahead.
If you are hiring a limo service, go over addresses, times, destinations, and pricing.
Get cell phone numbers for the drivers if possible.
If you are relying on friends and family, make certain that cars are equipped to handle the number of passengers assigned.
To avoid additional problems, request that guests not bring gifts to the reception unless it is being held at your home, of course.
This eliminates the need to move them again.

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