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Do-It-Yourself Western Theme Home Decor

    • 1). Choose several floor locations for Native American-designed rugs. The rugs add color to the floor as well as warmth. Place a rug in front of a fireplace, beneath a coffee table or in front of a chair. Place a runner in front of a sofa or use one to brighten up a hallway. These decorative rugs also work to hang as wall decorations.

    • 2). Select barn-wood frames to display pictures. Rugged snow-capped mountains, a fence on the edge of a green pasture or a stream winding through the forest are only a few samples of nature scenes.

    • 3). Use furniture that is sturdy and on the masculine side. Black or brown leather chairs and a sofa work well with a western theme. Furniture made from knotty pine also portrays western decor.

    • 4). Add lamps made from wrought-iron or a wood base to complement the furniture.

    • 5). Hang café curtains in the kitchen and dining room. Cover living room and bedroom windows with drapes that can be drawn aside to allow for light during the day and keep the chill out at night.

    • 6). Collect some cowboy items and use as accessories. Hang a lasso on the wall beside a decorative cowboy buckle. Set a worn pair of cowboy boots near the fireplace and mount longhorns above a large fireplace mantle. Bring in a sawhorse to throw a saddle over it. A spittoon will also make an interesting conversation piece.

    • 7). Cover beds with quilts and snuggle up between flannel sheets. Place a faux bear rug on the bedroom floor.

    • 8). Use knotty pine for kitchen cabinets and leave a few door fronts off to display dishes. Hang iron skillets on the wall from hooks.

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