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Teleclasses: Your New Innovative Way to Learn

What the heck is a teleclass anyway? Teleclasses, also called teleconferences, are an innovative method for bringing information to you without you needing to leave your home or office.
Most teleclasses are promoted by people who do business online.
You will find them advertised on people's websites, in online advertising or perhaps in an email you receive.
After speaking with several focus groups, I now understand that many people are unaware of exactly what a teleclass is and are concerned that there is some type of catch or hidden cost.
First of all, teleclasses are simply conference calls, ranging in size from three to thousands of participants.
When you sign up for a teleclass, you typically receive an email that will give you the details for calling in.
You simply dial the phone number provided at the agreed upon time for the class, enter the access code provided and you are instantly connected to the other participants who registered for the call and the teleclass leader.
You only need a telephone to participate in the calls.
If you don't have a computer to receive the confirmation email, most teleclass leaders will provide an alternative to email for you to get the necessary information, such as a telephone call.
Many people are afraid that there are hidden costs with teleclasses.
Many teleclasses are free or list for a nominal cost, such as $19-$49.
The only additional cost to you would be whatever your phone company charges for long distance fees.
So, if your long distance cost is $.
05/minute, then a 60 minute teleclass would cost you only $3.
00! Many people will opt to use their cell phone to avail themselves of their free minutes so the call costs nothing! Teleclasses gained popularity after 9/11, when many people began avoiding larger gatherings, such as seminars or workshops.
Teleclasses are the perfect way to gain information without having to travel to a remote location where there are large groups of people.
Also, during today's information age when people need information quickly, teleclasses make the perfect choice.
Most teleclasses are 60-90 minutes in length and are geared toward giving information on a variety of topics.
Each teleclass is generally devoted to a specific topic.
An expert will disseminate information on the call and participants are generally given the opportunity to ask questions and to interact with the presenter and the other participants either throughout or at the end of the call.
Key points are highlighted but there is not the depth of information most people get from attending an in-person event.
Also, there is generally not the same atmosphere or personal touch people get from attending a live, in-person seminar but the advantages are many.
For example, you don't have to speak if you don't want to.
No one will even know you are on the call.
You can maintain your anonymity.
You can hang up if the call doesn't interest you.
You can multitask in the comfort of your own home or office.
As long as your phone is muted, no one will know what you are doing.
You don't have to be concerned about what to wear.
You can attend a teleclass in your bath robe if you want.
(This may not be so easy if you are already at the office!) Also, driving directions are never a problem.
Teleclasses don't tie up any more of your time than the actual call is scheduled for, leaving you free to continue with your active, busy life.
Teleclasses are a new, convenient alternative for people looking to gain information without investing a lot of time.
Many times a teleclass is offered by people who also providein-person workshops.
The teleclass is a great way to "test drive" the speaker to determine whether or not you want to invest your time in a full-day seminar.
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