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How to Insert Audio Into Video Files for a Mac

    • 1). Click on the icon of the iMovie application in the dock, located at the bottom of the screen on your Mac.

    • 2). Connect one end of the included cable into your digital camera, and the other end into the USB or FireWire port on your Mac, whichever is applicable, if you are using a video from your camera.

    • 3). Click "File," "Import" to import a file from a folder on your hard drive. Navigate to a file, and then click "Import" again. Click "File," "Import from Camera" to import a video from a digital camera. Set the "Automatic/Manual" setting to "Automatic" in the Import dialog box to import all clips, and then click "Import All." Set the setting to "Manual," click on the clips you want to import and then click "Import Checked" if you want to import specific videos.

    • 4). Click "File," "New Project." Type a name for the project, and then click "Create."

    • 5). Click on the Events pane to show the video or videos you imported. Select a video from the window, and drag it into the Project Library window.

    • 6). Click "Window," "Music and Sound Effects" if you want to insert existing audio into your video. Click on an audio file from the iMovie Sound Effects folder or your iTunes or GarageBand library. You can also navigate to a folder on your hard drive that has the audio file you want to add. Click on an audio file in the list, and press the "Play" button to preview it. Drag the audio file into the Project window, and iMovie automatically inserts it into your video file.

    • 7). Click the "Voiceover" button, which looks like a microphone, if you want to create and insert a voiceover or narration into your video. The Voiceover window appears. Click on "Settings" to adjust the input volume, select whether you want to record from the Mac's built-in microphone or choose to use noise reduction or voice enhancement while you speak. Click on a point in the video in the Project window where you want the audio to start, and iTunes gives you a countdown until it starts recording your voice. Click on the "Voiceover" button to stop recording.

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