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Horizon Evolve Sg Compact Treadmill Review - Is It Right For You?

Do you want to stay in shape without going to the gym everyday or running around your neighborhood? Well the Horizon Evolve Sg Compact Treadmill may be your solution.
The Horizon Evolve Sg Compact Treadmill comes fully assembled and ready for use right after purchase.
All you need to do is plug it in, turn it on and begin exercising.
Okay, well not exactly.
Before you actually start using the treadmill there is one thing you have to do.
You have to lubricate the belt with the included silicon lubricant.
You will get instructions on how to do this correctly so that your treadmill operates smoothly and properly.
The treadmill comes with a 1.
5 HP motor and runs smoothly without any loud noise.
If you do hear loud noise it would be from forgetting to lubricate the belt with the silicon lubricant that is included with the treadmill.
You also get built in speakers with the treadmill that offer good sound.
This is a great addition because there are treadmills out there that are a lot more expensive and have the same quality in sound as the Evolve SG Compact.
Some people say the treadmill is heavy at a little over a 100 pounds but this isn't a problem because the treadmill has wheels which makes it easy to move around.
All the weight is on the wheels as you pick up one side and wheel it around.
This is a portable compact treadmill so if you're 300 pounds or more you might want to invest in a bigger treadmill.
A 300 pound person probably could use the Evolve Sg but it would slow down the speed of the treadmill substantially.
The Horizon Evolve SG Compact Treadmill offers a very sleek and attractive design.
If you decide to put the treadmill in your living room or your bedroom it could actually make your living room look better because it is very stylish and it isn't very big like most treadmills.
This treadmill was designed for those who don't have a lot of space for bulky equipment.
The Horizon Evolve SG Compact will suit those who don't want to spend thousands, but still want a treadmill that works very well with a decent amount of features.
The speed goes up to 6 mph which is good for those who want to walk or jog.
The Horizon Evolve is definitely a contender in the treadmill market with it's sleek compact design, it's built in speakers and LCD display.
You can get the Horizon Evolve SG Compact at stores that sell exercise equipment.
If you're a online shopper, you can find the Evolve at Amazon.

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