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Why Send a Card or Postcard?

Why postcard? Or better yet, ask yourself, why send a card? The reasons are really quite simple to send a card as opposed to an e card or an email.
Make it Personal Again: I remember as a child getting so excited when a letter or card came for me.
I practically judged how good my birthdays were by how many cards I got in the mail - presents were almost (I stress 'almost') secondary.
This is a feeling I still have today, I am know that sentiment is shared by a great number of people.
In today's society, the sending of cards and letters has almost become a lost art.
And if we think about it, a well thought out message in a meaningful card will have so much more impact on the person than that very same message in an email.
There is just something about a card with maybe a beautiful picture, a wonderful birthday message sending birthday wishes, thoughtful quote, funny little saying, or special meaning that causes that card to become a treasured memory to the recipient.
We don't keep thoughtful e cards or emails, but it seems like everyone keeps those special cards whether given for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, birth of a baby, thank y0u note, or sympathy.
Good Marketing: You want your promo material to be looked at.
Sounds pretty simple, right? Cards actually make for better marketing as they are extremely more likely to be opened that those 'mass mailings' we get and classify as 'junk mail' and never open.
Those pieces of mail either end up in the fireplace or trash.
But cards get opened.
And postcards get looked at.
Now, I am not talking about those monotone flimsy, slightly thicker than paper, pieces of junk mail trying to disguise themselves as a postcard.
I'm talking about a true full color, take a look at me, postcard.
I have my BA degree in Business Economics, and it's a simple marketing fact.
I don't care if the what the cost of the promotional material is, if it does NOT get looked at, then it's worthless.
For actors, sending a postcard has always been a great way to promote your career by keeping casting directors, and any potential agents or managers aware of your continued acting success.
And that was very true for not so long ago when submissions were all sent by mail or carrier, and casting directors kept files of actors headshots.
In today's tech-savvy environment where the vast majority of submissions are done electronically, casting directors are less likely to have those headshots on file, so anything that keeps your picture in front of them without being obtrusive is highly valued.
And nothing does that better than the basic postcard.

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