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How to Type a Contract for a Customer for Disk Jockeying a Party

    • 1). Specify, by name, the two parties involved in the contract. In this case, refer to the DJ by name and the name of the person hiring the DJ for the party. Outline the services involved in the contract, which in this case is providing DJ services for the event.

    • 2). Set the exact dates that you are offering your services to the client, as well as the address where you are scheduled to perform.

    • 3). Specify a start and end time for your services. Refer to specific time blocks for setting up and putting away your equipment as well as times during which the entertainment is provided. This helps avoid any breakdown of communication; for example, if you and the client agree on a five-hour time block, she is aware that includes setting-up time as well.

    • 4). Specify the exact rate for your services and whether it is by hour or engagement. Include the amount of time agreed upon by you and the client and a total amount due for your services. Specify how you are willing to be paid -- by cash, check or credit car -- and when the final balance is due.

    • 5). Include what equipment you are bring and any assistants, if applicable, in the contract.

    • 6). Add any insurance information, if applicable, into your contract.

    • 7). Include any details or items the client is suppose to provide for you. This can include anything from a certain type of table or space for your equipment to lodging and travel expenses, if applicable.

    • 8). Type in any of your special requests, or special requests of the client, if they are agreed upon. For example, if the client requests a dual setup for a wedding ceremony and reception, type this in the contract as well.

    • 9). Incorporate any details, if applicable, about what would denote a refund or a partial refund. Failure to set up on time, for example, could result in a deduction from the amount due for the services.

    • 10

      End the contract with the total amount due, calculating in any deposit that has already been made. Include a signature line for you and the client, as well as a date line for each.

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