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Decor for Teens

When it comes to choosing decor for teens, pretty much anything goes.
Teenagers are traditionally not intrigued by high-end articles like adults, their interests lie in what is fun, funky, in style and what will best suit their personality.
As a child, their room probably had a theme such as princess, Star Wars, Hello Kitty or trains and automobiles, etc.
, but when it comes time for them to have a new look, it usually involves textures, their favorite colors, etc.
Walls The fastest way to transform the room of a teenager is with paint however, if you rent a house or apartment, this is not typically permitted.
You don't have to settle with white walls though! Use long strips of fabric to decorate your walls, they'll stay up with spray starch.
Fabric can even be cut in fun shapes and stuck to the walls as well.
Furniture If your teenager has space in their bedroom for more than just their bed, giant bean bag chairs are the hottest piece of furniture you can buy.
They're comfortable, relieve stress and are ideal to sit on while studying (or playing video games) for an extended period of time.
Have Fun With Fabric You can make a room very modern and unique by buying some fabric that will both match or contrast their bedding.
Remember, they're teenagers so they probably prefer if absolutely everything does not coordinate! Make your own throw pillows, decorative storage boxes, wall art or cover lampshades.
Lighting Lighting is important in any room.
Whey would anyone want a boring work lamp at their desk when there are so many exciting ones available? Have an old lampshade that maybe needs a pick-me-up? Attach crystals or beads around it.
Storage Ideas Does your teenager's room constantly look like a hurricane casually strolled through? Perhaps it is because hey don't have anywhere to put everything.
If their closet is already at capacity, decorative boxes and other organizers will ensure items have a home.
Hanging either traditional or adhesive hooks on the back of their bedroom door and closet door gives you the opportunity to hang cloth bags that they can store stuff in as well or they can hang hats, belts, handbags, hooded sweatshirts and jackets from them.
The idea is to get everything off the floor and the piles eliminated from their dresser.
Looking for a Style? Although your teenager will no longer be interested in cartoon-inspired themes, there are particular styles and trends that are quite popular right now.
A few ideas are oriental, pinup girl, French boudoir, Hollywood, Gothic, tropical, musical, movies, vintage, safari, geometric patterns, skater, simplistic, contemporary, nautical, sports, video game and retro.

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