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The Best Bookmarklets for Searching the Web

What are BookMarklets?

BookMarklets are basically tiny software programs that add even more functionality to your browser toolbar. Many popular Web sites are creating bookmarklets for many different things: sharing content, adding tags, etc. Here are a few of the best free Web bookmarklets that are especially useful for Web search.
  • Reddit BookMarklets: Instantly share your content with the Reddit social bookmarking community.

  • BookMarklets: You have two bookmarklet options available here; you can post the page you're looking at to, or you can quickly view your cache of bookmarks.
  • Sub With Bloglines BookMarklets: Bloglines is hands-down my favorite RSS feed reader. Whenever I come across an interesting site that I would like to keep track of via RSS, I just click on my handy dandy Bloglines Sub bookmarklet and it's added to my list of sites.
  • Technorati BookMarklets: I add good stuff to my Technorati favorites by one click of a button. And speaking of Technorati...
  • Technorati Tag Generator: If you have a blog, and would like to use tags to make it more searchable in Technorati, just drag and drop this bookmarklet link to your browser toolbar. When you click on it, you'll be prompted to write in tags, and the bookmarklet will generate HTML coding for you to insert into your blog post.

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