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Spend Summer Holiday in Rajgir and Get Amused With Its Rich History and Culture.

Rajgir is a prominent area of Nalanda district of Bihar. Rajgir is historically rich as the city was the first capital of kingdom of Magadha that eventually evolved into Maurian Empire. The city is important even for Buddhism as this is one of the favorite places of Gautam Buddha and the well known "Atanatiya" conference was held at Vulture's Peak Mountain. If you wish to spend your summer holidays in Rajgir, you will experience nothing but serenity and calming landscapes. The city is popular among travelers for its rich culture, heritage and natural beauty. Rajgir makes for an ideal destination if you plan to escape the busy lives of the cities and would like to make yourself completely stress- free.

Summer holidays in Rajgir are incomplete if you do not visit places listed below:

Ashoka Stupa Peak: Popular among history students, followers of Buddhism and tourists, the stupa is essentially made up of bricks and people can witness remains of brick stupa atop a hill. The stupa is situated close to Kalanda tank. The Buddhists claim that the stupa was built by Emperor Ashoka himself as a mark of respect to Griddhakuta.
Swarna Bhandar: An ancient cave site, Swarna Bhandar means €store of gold'. The place is also popular with names like Bimbisara Bhandar or Sonbhandar caves. The rock-cut caves hold significance historical significance for the city. It is believed that the treasury of King Bimbisara is present in this cave. One can also find ancient inscriptions in Sankhlipi carved on the wall, which is considered to be the clue to open doorway and is not yet deciphered.
Ghora Katora: If you are spending summer holidays in Rajgir then you must visit this popular picnic spot of Rajgir. The name of the lake suggests a bowl of horse. The site of this lake is believed to be the place where the stable of Jarasandha was situated, a famous character from the Hindu mythological epic, Mahabharata.
Ajatshatru Fort: Named after the Magadha's ruler Ajatshatru, the fort was built in 6th century BC. The fort is historically significant as the ruins of the famous Cyclopean Wall can also be found here. The fort is close a stupa spread over an area of 6.5 sq km.
Ruins of Nalanda University: One of the most prominent tourist attractions of Rajgir is ruins of Nalanda University. The tourists visit this place to witness this oldest Buddhist University that would hold up to 10000 students, 2000 teachers and 9 million books in ancient times. The place marks as an important learning center between 5th and 12th century A.D. The ruins are a result of invasion of this magnificent university by Muslims.

Summer holidays in Rajgir is best spent with kids and family. The kids would be amused to see the monuments and other places of historical importance and the parents would enjoy the clean and serene environment of this place. Summer holidays in Rajgir is perfect way to spend quality time with family and friends.

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