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Wedding Themes and Decor

Having coordinated many weddings I have learnt that no two brides are the same and no two weddings are alike no matter how similar the setting.
The likes and dislikes of the bridal couple are integral in choosing the correct color and decor.
Here are some ideas of what may go and what may not.
Traditional white: White Table linen, Full-length cloths, white starched napkins, Glassware fine or crystal, quality cutlery styled or silver, fine china all white.
Candelabra in silver or tall white cylindrical candles.
Flowers - tall, white, Orchids or Gladiolas, carnations, white roses.
Candles and lighting must be used to reflect the glassware to create a pure, clean romantic and warm feel.
Traditional white incorporating color.
Keep the theme above but softly integrate your color of choice.
If your favorite color is yellow or gold, choose some yellow gladiolas, use gold rimmed glassware, interchange white and yellow candles, buy white candles and take them to a candle maker for dipping, yellow/ gold at the top or bottom and then white.
Keep the color integration soft and subtle the color must be secondary to the white.
A popular choice with white for brides is green.
Green is the color of relaxation, use in the doorways, Arch way if there is one, integrate with plants, put more greenery in with the flowers there are wonderful fillers, leather leaf, million stars etc that can help to achieve this result.
Use limes, apples in glass bowls, green flowers (yes they can be found).
If you prefer bolder colors change your theme.
Lets go with the boldest of colors and the most festive of all colors Red.
Red is used at weddings in many cultures and is also and exciting color to wear.
The best way to use red at a wedding is in the flowers, as a wedding incorporates the symbol of love then Red Roses would be the most popular choice.
Dark Red Linen, not tomato red, choose Magenta which is a dark purplish red.
Tall Glass vases or tall candelabra where the Flowers sit above the guest's heads can be used as a centerpiece.
Either an arrangement of tall long stemmed, red roses or a tightly bunched neat arrangement of rose heads.
Candles do not use white; the contrast is too stark, if you want to lighten then go with cream or ivory, this too can be interchanged with your linen.
Cream/Ivory linen with Red Rose theme.
Red roses and crackling fire and chocolate are a nice idea for a winter wedding.
Turn on the romance, red wines and wholesome hot foods, subtle music and the warmth of familiar faces for a delightful and memorable combination.
Orange is the color of desire and joy; it is fun and upbeat and goes with almost any venue type.
Mix it with dark woods, fire for a African feel, combine it with white for a more fun and vibrant feel, integrate oranges with yellows and reds for a combination of feelings, fun, desire and festivity.
Use good lighting and candles and lots of flowers.
I have met brides with ideas that include everything from the incredibly simple to the bizarre.
Other ideas for modern decor can include: White flooring with Perspex tables Black linen with glass and Crystals Orchid flowers and white plush furnishings Whether your theme is country style or Black tie and formal the basis of how to organise your wedding reception is the same.

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