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Modern science is creating, and is in the process creating, hundreds of medications aimed at helping those suffering from cholesterol-related diseases.
These medicines can range from useful to hazardous.
For those that are tentative to take these medications, or are in search of natural or alternative treatments for their cholesterol-related diseases, there are a few very handy and very effective treatments available.
Cholesterol, and avoiding it, has become an obsession for many people around the world today.
While the palette of the collective modern world finds it hard to stay away from foods that are low in cholesterol, it remains a challenge to lessen this detriment to anyone's health.
There have been dozens upon dozens of medical treatments all aimed at helping reduce the effects of cholesterol in the body.
Unfortunately, treating someone at this stage becomes more or less too late, or too hard to do because cholesterol has already made its mark in the body and as taken its toll on the person's health.
The best way to keep one clear from this problem is to treat it early.
And there are a few treatments that are handy in this battle against cholesterol.
Here are a few of them.
The Asian diet.
Before Asia became increasingly westernized in both diet and in lifestyle, they used to have a far lesser incidence of cardiovascular disease as opposed to their European or American counterparts.
One reason for this is their traditional diet.
Traditional Asian diet consists of lean meat and vegetables with a hefty serving of rice.
Also, the Asian diet consists of the use of traditional spices such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, chilies, and others.
Also, most Asian fare shies away from too much beef or pork, and focuses instead on chicken, and fish.
This kind of diet has lesser cholesterol content than most Western food.
It is also a good diet treatment for those suffering from high cholesterol diet.
The consumption of garlic has been proven by science to lower cholesterol content in the blood by around 10%.
This is proven this study which involve garlic capsules be taken daily.
Also, if you feel that garnet capsules are hard to obtain, you could try seven cloves of garlic per day instead.
This has the same effect as taking four capsules of garlic essence.
The intake of Cholestin as a food supplement has increased in popularity in the past few years.
For centuries, it has been used as an herbal remedy by ancient Chinese.
Studies have shown that taking Cholestin can decrease cholesterol in the blood by as much as 30%.
Although the FDA banned the use of this substance as a medication in the early 90s, it has been reinstated since it was in fact a dietary supplement more than a prescription.
This substance is pretty safe to use, although you would want to consult with a doctor before going on this treatment.
Niacin has been proven to lower LDL and raise HDL levels as well.
It can reduce LDL by as much as 20%, an increase HDL by as much as 35%.
Niacin is commonly known as vitamin B3.
However, to accomplish this you will need a very high dosage of this vitamin.
This could cause some side effects.
This problem makes it imperative that you consult a doctor before you undergo this treatment.
Soy protein.
Soy protein contains isoflavones.
This substance helps reduce bad cholesterol by as much as 10%.
To obtain this result, one will need to consumer about 62 mg of the substance.
Fortunately, it is easy to incorporate soy protein into one's diet.
It can be used as a meat replacement too.

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