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Signs That Tell That A Guy Likes You

If you're not too certain that a particular guy likes you, there are signs you can look out for to find out if he is interested in you.
As a woman, sometimes I think it's a bit unfair that men have the advantage of making the first move.
But men speak of how difficult it is from their end, having to think of ways on how to approach a woman they are interested in.
There's the fear of rejection or of not doing things right.
Come to think of it, they wouldn't know if you're an angel or a bitch, so making it all easier for them will get things happening for both of you.
When a man is interested in a woman, most likely he will tell someone.
I'm not speaking of a guy you'd meet randomly at a bar, but someone you may have heard of or seen in the social groups you circulate in.
Usually, he will tell a mutual friend or anyone who can bring him closer to you.
He'll ask more than average questions beyond who you are and what you do.
Of course he will act as if he's just asking, but the type of questions he will ask about you will give away if it's more than just a casual interest.
And oftentimes, he will tell someone that he is interested in you, hoping it will reach you.
A man who is interested in you also gives a different type of look that betrays a calm exterior.
Usually, it is sweeping since he hopes you don't catch him staring at you.
But usually he will look at you from head to toe, then his eyes will focus back on your face and lingers with yours.
If you catch him, he will usually look away in surprise.
But if you are already aware of each other's existence from a common friend, that can be the beginning of more exciting things to come.
A man will then find every opportunity to get close to you.
He will find out about which places you frequent and will appear to walk in from nowhere to get a chance to join you.
When in the past you don't regularly see him in the places you frequent, the sudden increase in chance encounters is a sure sign he intends to pursue you.

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