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A List of Famous Michelangelo Artworks and Prints

Michelangelo was firstly a sculptor, but also a significant painter, draughtsman and writer.
Studies of his life are common and influences which came from it are wide.
One way in which his work can now be enjoyed is through art prints, which are available for almost all of his career's art works.
Even sculptures can be hung on your wall as framed photographs.
The most stunning of all his sculptures included Moses, Pieta and David.
Michelangelo liked to use marble in most cases for his sculptures, whilst his paintings followed the fresco method which was common at that time.
As well as photographs of his sculptures, you might also consider prints of his Sistine Chapel frescos.
Michelangelo created a stunning series of paintings which sat together across the Sistine Chapel ceiling, and some prefer to see the entire piece, whilst others prefer detail of individual frescos.
The Creation of Adam is the central piece of the entire piece, and that is the preferred reproduction option for many.
Michelangelo was later to add a huge indvidual fresco on the altar wall, close to his original ceiling frescos.
The Last Judgement, as it was named, is a sprawling, highly detailed piece which expertly shows off the artist's anatomical technical skills.
Study sketches, plus his work his architectural plans also help to illustrate the technical ability of this artist to re-produce the human body like no-one had ever managed before.
These skills were the foundation of a huge number of his works, across drawings, frescos and building designs.
Literature was another key element of this artist's career, but they are not really suited to consumer prints.
Despite this, his many poems are consistently studied by literary students, with much of the style and content being unusual at that time.
It seemed that Michelangelo could innovate during the Renaissance across a host of different mediums, without fear of failure.
Currently, there is a great interest in reproductions of the artist's work despite Michelangelo starring in the Renaissance era, some 500 years ago.
The prominence of the Sistine Chapel plus other buildings in which he was artistically involved have helped to keep his name and reputation specifically in the public eye for all these years since.
That shows no sign of changing anytime soon.
Changing tastes are a permanent theme across the art world, with modern art movements appearing and disappearing all the time, whilst others can find a way to remain for the longer term.
In conclusion, across all the art mediums in which Michelangelo was involved throughout his lifetime, David and Pieta were his most impressive sculptures.
His frescos in the Sistine Chapel were also another significant highlight.

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