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What Is Rhodium Plating Made Of?

    Rhodium Plating

    • Rhodium plating combines rhodium with other metals, including platinum, palladium and silver. The jeweler or the plating manufacturer determines the exact plating formula.

    Metal Wear

    • Metal rings and other jewelry often become scratched and the sparkle is lessened with age. Cosmetics and cleaners also interact with metals to change the appearance. Rhodium is frequently electroplated to metals to restore the appearance and highlights to jewelry pieces.


    • The amount of rhodium plate influences the look and durability. Thin plate, mixed with other inferior metals, quickly wears off and changes the appearance of the piece. Rhodium plated gold requires re-plating. The time period depends on the thickness of the plate.

    Allergic Reactions

    • Jewelers use rhodium plate to avoid any skin sensitivities to the alloys mixed with gold in modern jewelry. The common U.S. alloy is nickel.


    • Consumer regulations enforced by the Federal Trade Commission require modern jewelry to be clearly marked with a gold karat mark and rhodium plate mark. Markings, also known as hallmarks, are not required for imported jewelry pieces.

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