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Christmas Party Pictures on Facebook…Good Idea or Not?

As social media has changed the way we communicate and network, it has also changed what we can Christmas-around-the-world-3-300x149.jpgand cannot show online. You may have heard in the last few years of prospective and current employers spying on their staff online through social media websites, such as Facebook. Employers do this so they can have a look at your own behavior and if it is suitable professionally – after all they don't want a client Googling you and finding pictures of you misbehaving at the office Christmas party.

Around 70% of all employers check up on prospective staff online. So if you do go for a job interview anywhere, it is very likely they will complete an online check on you. Sadly, this has meant for many social networking addicts who put everything online, they have lost out on job opportunities or they have had to simply curb their enthusiasm for online networking.

Christmas parties can be a particular issue, as they can be setting for embarrassing behavior. Too much to drink, embarrassing yourself and kissing several candidates from the office can all get you into trouble on Facebook, if revealed to your current boss or prospective employer.  There's a few ways this can be avoided, thus eluding the consequences of those ‘professionally' inappropriate photos.

When attending a Christmas party, make sure you behave yourself. Do let go and have fun, but avoid the trap falls of office crushes and alcohol – all of which can end in disaster. Keep yourself busy by networking, enjoying your friends' company and the food. Make sure you have identified your limits if you do decide to drink.

If you do ever have a mishap or have ever had one at a Christmas party, it is suggested to avoid putting the incrementing photos online. If anyone else has, de-tag yourself or ask them to kindly do it as you don't want the evidence available to the whole of your office. Make your profile private too, so that only friends can view your private information, making anyone else, such as a prospective employer unable to see your entire profile.

Social media can also optimize your prospects. By carefully adding photos that show you and your office colleagues getting along at a Christmas party, you can demonstrate to prospective employers that you are a great team player, who gets on well with others. You can also demonstrate your professionalism in and out of the office by maintaining a professional online persona.

Social media can be a good idea if you use the right methods and maintain your professional persona. On the other hand, it can be harmful to your career if photos or conversations are revealed that are considered to be inappropriate.

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