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Important Football Skills

Having the right skill set is important if you want to be a successful football player. No matter what position you want to make your own, there are a few skills that every player must possess. Instead of trying to attempt ambitious 50 or 60 yard passes each time they grab a ball, kids should focus on more practical and fundamental football skills. Here we will take a look at a few important skills that every young football player should work on both inside and outside of team practices.


Without a burst of speed, it is very difficult to make it as a football player. This does not mean that only lightening quick players make the grade, but even the slower players will have a burst of speed that gets them away from onrushing opponents. This burst of speed is crucial for tight ends, wide receivers, quarter backs, and even defensive players.

In order to improve your acceleration, it is important to go through many sprinting drills. These drills can be done alone, but are best done with a partner. Doing the drill with another person lets you time each other, while providing motivation to complete difficult physical work.

Practice sprinting by being in a football ready position, and bursting forward 10 or 15 yards repeatedly. You can start by doing the drill together, to see which of you is faster. Later on, allow one person to time the other, in order to see if there is improvement. This drill can be done once or twice a week for an extended period of time. Improvement in the times should be seen after a few weeks.


Along with explosiveness, awareness is key to a football player's ability to evade the opposition and get their job done. Even if you have an incredible sprinting time, if you are running straight into other players, you will not be successful.

Awareness means that you know where to make the run, when to start and stop to evade opponents, and the right time to launch into a tackle. This awareness is improved by constantly studying everyone you are playing with. Even if you are playing a friendly game with friends, take the time to watch the best players, their reactions, and how they adjust their game if they fail during a play.

Quarterback Accuracy:

Young quarterbacks will spend a lot of time throwing deep passes, trying to get as much power and whip on their throw as possible. While it is great to have a powerful deep throw, it is secondary in importance to accuracy. Whether you play at the high school, college or professional level, accuracy trumps any other skill for a QB. Those QBs that can throw an accurate spiral to teammates that are five to twenty yards away will have better careers than the players who only have a good deep throw.

Focus on accuracy whenever you are part of a team practice or game session, and try to work on your throw alone. Throwing accuracy can be practiced alone. Mark a few spots on a nearby wall (with tape) and practice hitting those spots with as much accuracy as possible. Start with a slower paced throw, and gradually increase the speed as you feel your accuracy improving. Before you know it, you will be able to hit those accurate throws without any problems.

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