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Eden Prairie Homes

Individuals choosing to call Eden Prairie, MN home will continuously reap the benefits of their decision. With close proximity to the Twin Cities, an extensive mix of educational offerings and a thriving local economy, residents will welcome the diverse offerings of this quaint small city.

For anyone contemplating a move to the area, they would be wise to invest the time getting to know this amazing small city. Located approximately ten miles outside of Minneapolis, residents are treated to suburban life with the added benefit of proximity to a major city. Having grown from a small bedroom community into a small city, Eden Prairie is the perfect destination for singles, couples and families looking to settle down. Eden Prairie houses [] range from condos, to starter homes and large luxury dwellings. The proximity to the Twin Cities affords residents the added benefit of cultural and retail offerings along with proximity to travel resources.

Education has been a top priority in Eden Prairie since 1924, and continues to hold the distinction today. Boasting Minnesota's largest high school and a diverse offering of educational opportunities, residents are treated to a top-notch educational experience. In addition to eight public schools, educational opportunities abound in the availability of both a charter and private school. For those in search of higher education, there is no need to look any further than the three in-city options.

With a thriving local economy based on a large business sector, residents will often find little to no need to leave the area. The business sector is large and diverse spanning a multitude of fields.

Bucolic Eden Prairie, MN is a resident's dream. With large lakes and ponds, extensive park offerings and a series of multi-use trails, property owners are treated to a recreational paradise. The bustling economy, supported by a robust school system and close proximity to the Twin Cities, should make Eden Prairie homes a top choice for anyone contemplating a move to the area.

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