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How to Cope With a Clingy Husband



Share personal feelings honestly with a clingy husband. The reaction may not be pleasant, but will need to be dealt with. Not being honest only perpetuates the problem. Don't be mean, but be firm and honest.

Be sensitive to the husband's insecurities. He must be extremely insecure and unhappy, to be so clingy, needy and dependent in a relationship. Try hard to make him feel secure, but don't back down and give in.

Slowly wean the husband from dependency. Start by slowly leaving him for short periods of time. Tell him where you're going, and when you will return. Tell him upon returning that it was fun but that it is nice to be home with him. Don't keep secrets.

Encourage a clingy husband to find personal interests outside of the home. He needs a life, friends and interests that are separate from the home. If he enjoyed basketball in high school, encourage him to join a league. If he enjoys reading, get him to try a book club.

Seek professional help if the problem is seriously affecting the marriage. Severe dependency and clinging is probably a sign of further personal issues a husband may be dealing with. Be understanding, and support him while he receives help.

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