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Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner

Looking for ways to keep your pool in top notch condition? Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 F5 Pressure-Side Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner is up to the job and can make your dreams come through.
The Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner can operate in any type of surface for in ground pools whether concrete pool, vinyl or fiberglass pool.
This cleaner cleaner would clean your pool in about three (3) hours the size and shape of your pool has little impact on the speed.
it has the added advantage of having the ability to climb walls and steps.
This product comes with its own booster pump and filter bag which collects debris and dirt particles that can clog and damage your pool filter system.
Another fantastic feature is that it comes with its 31 feet hose which is longer than those of other brands of automatic cleaners.
A list of some other features of this particular Cleaner is as follows: 1.
It comes with double jets for more effective vacuum power and speedier cleaning 2.
Cleans pool floors, walls and stairs with spectacular efficiency and speed 3.
It has its own booster pump it doesn't depend on your swimming pool system.
It comes with a 31 feet of hose which allows it to traverse the entire length and width of your pool without any hassle.
it comes with its own removebale and replaceable filter bag.
You can get maximum efficiency pool cleaning in this single machine.
You can just sit back and relax; let the Polaris 280 do the job it was made to do.
Are you worried about the maintenance of these machines? No sweat! The Polaris 280 is dependable and durable; and most of its parts are replaceable.
A detailed owner's manual is given to help each owner walk through the installation with ease.
step by step instructions and diagrams are included.
The Polaris 280 consistently outperforms the newer models of Polaris cleaners and other brand names in automatic pool cleaners even though it is an older model.
Another advantage of this cleaner is that it requires less maintenance and is far easier to troubleshoot and fix when problems begin to happen.
Owning the Polaris 280 is a must, if you are pool owner.
It will remove the slimy stuff in the pool sides in addition to keeping your water in your pool clean and sparkling; which leaves you to focus on having a relaxing swim!

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