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5 Places to Visit in Greece

For lovers of history and people who like going to beautiful locations, Greece is definitely a great country to visit. This is a country that is very rich in culture, history, modern cities and beautiful nature. Visiting this country is going to be something you won't regret. When you are planning a Greek vacation, you should make sure that you include the following places to your visit schedule. This way, you will guarantee that your vacation will be awesome.

The Acropolis

This place is one of the most famous attractions in Greece. This geographical feature near Athens is the location of the ancient temple of Athena. Only ruins mark this once great temple. People with a taste for history will surely have the time of their lives as they walk around the ruins of the temple. It is definitely a place that you should include in your Greek tour itinerary.

Poseidon's Temple at Cape Sounion

After visiting Athena's temple in the Acropolis, you should take time to head on over to the nearby Cape Sounion. Poseidon's temple is located in this place. It faces the Aegean Sea and you will feel like you are back in the time of ancient heroes by just walking around the tall columns. The sunset is also another great spectacle in this city. You should time your visit to coincide with a sunset.


The legendary island of Santorini is also a great place to visit. Aside from this, it is also a very romantic location. I cannot count the number of romantic movies that had this island as the main location. It has beautiful white buildings, a great view and friendly people. It is just very welcoming. This island is a great place to spend your wedding anniversary.


If you love military structures then you should plan a visit to Mycenae. This is a great fortress that stood the test of time. Proof of this is the amount of gold artifacts displayed in the National Archaeological Museum. Most of the gold there came from Mycenae. Walking around the ruins will be a breathtaking experience. This is because you will really get tired from the large area you have to walk around on.


If you do not like jetting around the country, Crete is the best place to spend your entire Greek vacation. This is because the island has ever thing that Greece has to offer. You can walk around and visit historical places, awesome nightclubs and great restaurants.

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