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Ness Notes (May 15)

Our pets are extensions of our family and need all of the same care, love and protection that we give the rest of our family members.
Just like humans, dogs require plenty of exercise.
This keeps them within their ideal weight and keeps them healthy and strong.
Regularly take your dog for walks around the neighborhood.
If possible take them to different places so that they can enjoy variety as well as exercise.
Many places offer dog parks, where dogs can run and play with other dogs.
If you can't find one of these, then run and play with your dog yourself.
Find an old ball or a Frisbee and let your dog run and chase it.
You can also teach your dog to fetch.
Just bring some snacks with you and reward your pet with a treat, every time they return the object to you.
This can be fun for both of you.
When taking your dog for a romp in the park, be sure to bring water for your dog to drink.
Another way to take good care of your pets is by watching what they eat.
Shop for them with the same care that you shop for yourself.
Read the labels and select the most nutritious ones.
Many of the better quality brands are very pricey.
If you are unsure of what is the best food that you can buy that will fit within your budget, ask your vet for recommendations.
Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink and a comfortable place to rest.
Puppies are cute and playful, but you certainly don't want a bunch running around your house.
Be responsible and take your pet to be spayed or neutered.
Make sure that they receive all of their shots and take them for annual boosters.
Heartworms are a very serious health risk for dogs, so make sure that you give them the proper medicine to avoid this condition.
Safety is another important factor when caring for a pet.
If you let them outside, keep them in a secure area so that they won't run into the street and into danger.
Make sure your pet has an ID tag that includes their name and your phone number.
Put as much identifying information that you can on the tag, such as your work number or alternate contact number.
Choose bright tags so that they can be read from a distance if necessary, especially if your pet is large and aggressive.
The people who find them may be afraid to approach, so by providing a large bright tag, they may be able to get enough information to call you.
Another way to ensure the safe return of your pet is to have a chip implanted under their skin.
They are tiny and can be scanned to get the owner's contact information.
These tags are often referred to as "Home Again" ID tags and are well worth having.

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